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Arcade Application CU-10-13(a) Denied

On March 8th the Tillamook Department of Community Development denied the Arcade Application CU-10-13(a).   The application was denied because it has not met all the criteria for development.   The application does not meet standards of the flood overlay zone, the Pacific City Air airport overlay zone in regards to its location in the Primary Surface corridor and off-street loading and parking requirements.   The complete document regarding Department’s decision can be found on the Tillamook County website at the following address:

Click to access CU-10-13%28a%29Decision.pdf

or click on Tillamook County Links in the sidebar and go to “Completed Land Use Decisions”.  Look for CU-10-13(a).

Mr. Goodman has applied for an appeal with the County Planning Commission.  It will be reviewed at their regular meeting on Thursday, April 14th at 7 pm in the County Court House.

PC/Woods CPAC has chosen not to provide comment on the denied application and its appeal and will leave it to the County Planning Commission to decide.   However,  residents and persons of interest can submit a statement to the Department of County Development prior to the April 14th meeting.

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