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Horseback Riding in Pacific City/Woods

Many people in our community are aware that an unsigned letter regarding “Horse Concerns in our Community” was received by CPAC board members, as well as Tillamook County officials.  A copy of the letter is attached below. We discussed this letter at the most recent CPAC Chairs meeting with Tillamook County Community Development.   While the CPAC would not normally address an unsigned letter or non-land use issues, we determined that in the interest of the community,  we would facilitate a discussion so opinions can be aired.  This will occur in the “For Good of the Order” segment at the end of our meeting on August 20 after we have completed all CPAC business.   CPAC will not comment or offer opinion or take any action as this is a non-land use issue.

The Tillamook County Community Development Department informs us that they signed off on the horse business after addressing their parking plan,  road approach permit, signage and fire letter.   A conditional use (CU) was not required as they were not boarding horses overnight.   Recreational uses, such as this, are an outright use in this commercial zone.    The concerns brought up in the letter such as animal waste, county parking used to load/unload horses, trailers blocking roadways and clean up of the area, are not land use issues and the County Community Development Department has no jurisdiction.   Other departments such as County and State Parks, Public Works, the Sheriff’s Department, DEQ or other state or county office may be more appropriate places where citizens can take their concerns.


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