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Variance Request V-11-01 Nestucca Landing – Greg Grinnell

A Land Use Committee (LUC) Meeting will be on September 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm at the Kiawanda Community Center in the Fireside Room.  The purpose of the meetings is to review and discuss a request for a variance (V-11-01) from Greg Grinnell concerning a proposed development named Nestucca Landing to be located on the property at the southeast corner of Pacific Ave. and Sunset Dr. in Pacific City.  His original Planning Application dated March 2, 2011 covered several requests, and this specific variance is in reference to modification of the restrictions imposed by the Mean High Water line on the property where it borders the Nestucca River.

The LUC will make a recommendation to the CPAC to either support or oppose this variance.  This will be presented at the PC/W CPAC  meeting  on September 19 for the consideration and vote of the membership.   This will be forwarded to the Tillamook County Planning Commission and presented at their September 22nd meeting.  This is the first of a series of requests by the developer that will come before the County before final approval of the proposal is given.  Additional meetings and discussions by the LUC and the CPAC are expected to occur in the future.

Ordinances regarding Estuary Conservation 3.108 and 3.106, Water Quality & Streambank Stabilization 4.080  and Commercial Zone PCW-C1 3.337 are attached below to help members prepare for the LUC discussion.

3.106    3.108     3.337    4080


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