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Is your property in a Flood Plain – you should be aware of this!!!

Your input regarding FLOOD PLAIN regulations may be needed in the future.    A summary of the issues is noted below.   Attached is a letter and presentation explaining the issue in more detail.
Issue:   FEMA is currently proposing to impose the Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance on local jurisdictions.   This would mean that with each flood plain permit  application, the property owner, would need to provide a habitat assessment determination that the proposed project would have no adverse affect on Endangered  Species or their habitat.   This would have a major impact on local development permits for folks in flood plains.

Purpose:  FEMA apparently did not consult with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) when establishing the National Flood Insurance Program.   To remedy this,  FEMA  is proposing to place the burden of the ESA on local jurisdictions.

Process:  FEMA and NMFS is going through a consultation process now.  Ms Christine Shirley, Nat’l Flood Insurance Coordinator,  has come up with a pragmatic approach that would allow certain development activities in the Special Flood Hazard Area as long as they complied with certain best practices.

Endangered Species Act FEB2012

Flood Plain ESA Ruling Letter

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