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2012-2013 Land Use and Community Plan Review Committees

The CPAC is in the process of confirming membership to the Land Use and Plan Review Committees.

LAND USE:   The Land Use Committee is made up of the five officers and also five CPAC members.   They meet on an adhoc basis when land use applications are submitted to Community Development.   Their purpose is to discuss the merits of the application as related to Pacific City/Woods zoning, the Community Plan and benefits to the Community as a whole.  They formulate a recommendation and present their findings to the CPAC membership at a CPAC general meeting.   A vote is taken whether or not to support the application and that information is sent to the Tillamook County Planning Commission to be entered into the record for that application.

COMMUNITY PLAN REVIEW:  The purpose of this Committee is to update the community plan  – a requirement every 10 years.   The committee has reviewed all pertinent zoning related to Pacific City/Woods and the Tax Lot Inventory  is near completion.     The committee will then submit their changes to Community Development and also hold public meetings to relay the Community Plan changes to residents and property owners of Pacific City/Woods.

If you would like to be involved and work on either of these committees,  or if you have questions,  please contact Ielean Rouse, CPAC Chair at or phone 503-965-3600  by SEPTEMBER 21, 2012.

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