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Emergency Meeting


Last night we had a very lively debate over the proposed changes to the PC/Woods Community Plan. We wanted to take a vote on whether the CAC membership supports or does not support the draft of the PC/W Community Plan as currently presented, but many people had not read the plan through yet and there were many proposed changes that were discussed and clarified at our meeting last night. A vote was not able to be taken at the meeting and members voted to hold a special emergency CAC meeting in a couple weeks to hold a vote on whether CAC membership supports or opposes the proposed changes to the PC/Woods Community Plan.

Emergency CAC Meeting
Saturday, February 3 at 10:30am at Pacific Coast Bible Church, 35220 Brooten Rd, PC.
Single Agenda item: Vote on the current (1/3/18) draft of the PC/Woods Community Plan.

Please review the current draft of the PC/Woods Community Plan, which can be found online at the address below. There are also three physical copies in the PC Library for public use.

Also, all citizens are welcome to submit written comment and opinion about the PC/Woods Community Plan draft. Send your comment/opinion to the community development department so your comment can be an official part of what the Planning Commission reviews on February 15. Email Sarah Absher or Barrett Chaix with your comments by February 6, 2018. ,


PC-W Community Plan Draft 1-3-18

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