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Organizational Details


The Pacific City-Woods Citizen Advisory Committee (PC-W CAC) was organized to satisfy the Oregon state-wide Land Use Goal #1 – CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT.   Goal #1 calls for each city and county to development a program for citizen involvement that insures the opportunity for all citizens to be involved in matters of importance to their communities, to the Board or other public entities.

The CAC’s or Citizen Advisory Committees were formed by the Tillamook County Planning Commission for the purpose of maintaining an active citizen interest not limited to land use actions, community planning, development code amendments, consideration of county and community services and special community studies in the unincorporated areas of Tillamook County.   Order #13-034 (Appendix I to the By-Laws) filed May 1, 2013 and signed by the Tillamook County Commissioners gives the direction to the Citizen Advisory Committees for Tillamook County under the Statewide Planning Goal #1.

There are five CAC’s and they represent the unincorporated areas of Barview/Waseco, Netarts, Oceanside, Pacific City-Woods and Neskowin.  The purpose of the CAC’s is to:

  • Advise the Board of Commissioners, Tillamook County Planning Commission and the Department of Community Development on community issues in their respective areas.
  • Provide and foster greater communication between these government groups and residents, land and business owners within the community.
  • Disseminate information to the community to assist in their understanding of complex community issues and facilitate within the community.

CAC Mission Statement

The Pacific City-Woods Citizen Advisory Committee’s mission is to provide a forum for citizen involvement in matters of importance to their community and to preserve and enhance the quality of life and livability of our community.

CAC By-Laws

Governance for the Pacific City/Woods CAC is outlined in our By-Laws, as amended  September 19, 2016.  Appendix I is the Board of County Commissioners Order #13-034 referred to above.


Monthly meetings are held on alternate third Monday evenings and third Saturday mornings in Pacific City.  This schedule was chosen to provide some opportunity for second homeowners in our community to be involved in PC-Woods CAC activities.

The Annual Membership Meeting is held on the third Saturday in August. The Executive Committee is elected at this meeting.   See the current meeting schedule for the dates and times of the next general Pacific City-Woods CAC meeting.


Membership is open to all full and part-time residents, property and business owners in the Pacific City Unincorporated Community Boundary, which is approximately the same as the PCJWSA Water District.  There are NO membership fees or dues but to receive an e-mail update of meetings and events just fill out the membership form and submit.  Contributions are accepted to help with operating costs.