Pacific City-Woods Citizen Advisory Committee

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CAC Board of Directors

The Pacific City-Woods CAC has five members serving on their board of directors.  The are  Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Chair is a 3 year rotating commitment.   The Chair-Elect is elected in the first year then rotates to Chair in year two and on to Past-Chair in year three.  This allows for leadership continuity.  The Secretary and Treasurer positions are one year positions.

The 2016 current board members are:   Chair – Anne Price;  Past-Chair – Ielean Rouse; Chair-Elect – Sean Carlton;  Secretary – Bud Miller and Treasurer – David Yamamoto

Board members are elected at the August annual meeting – the third Saturday of August.


Land Use Sub-Committee

A standing Land Use Sub-Committee consists of  five board members and five members at large.  They meet to review major land use issues affecting the area such as housing developments.  They also review conditional use applications and new or revised ordinances. The Land Use Committee presents its finding to the membership at one of the monthly general meetings and the membership votes to support or not support a particular measure.

The CAC Board sends a response outlining the membership concerns and/or support to the Tillamook Department of Community Development/Planning,  the Tillamook Planning Commission and/or the Board of County Commissioners depending on the level of the land use issue.

The 2016 Land Use Sub-Committee are Anne Price, Ielean Rouse, Sean Carlton, Bud Miller, David Yamamoto, Larry Rouse, Barbara Taylor, Ken McKenzie, Gene Johnson, and Mary Jones.