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2012-2013 Land Use and Community Plan Review Committees

The CPAC is in the process of confirming membership to the Land Use and Plan Review Committees.

LAND USE:   The Land Use Committee is made up of the five officers and also five CPAC members.   They meet on an adhoc basis when land use applications are submitted to Community Development.   Their purpose is to discuss the merits of the application as related to Pacific City/Woods zoning, the Community Plan and benefits to the Community as a whole.  They formulate a recommendation and present their findings to the CPAC membership at a CPAC general meeting.   A vote is taken whether or not to support the application and that information is sent to the Tillamook County Planning Commission to be entered into the record for that application.

COMMUNITY PLAN REVIEW:  The purpose of this Committee is to update the community plan  – a requirement every 10 years.   The committee has reviewed all pertinent zoning related to Pacific City/Woods and the Tax Lot Inventory  is near completion.     The committee will then submit their changes to Community Development and also hold public meetings to relay the Community Plan changes to residents and property owners of Pacific City/Woods. (more…)

Step-Up and Share your Skills with CPAC

We need good people with all skill levels to work with CPAC.   In August,  CPAC will be electing new board members –  a Secretary, Treasurer and Chair Elect and selecting our Land Use and Community Plan Committee Members.     Are you a resident, a property owner or a business owner in the community?   Become involved! Speak up and let us know what your interests area.

Time commitments include once a month meetings in Pacific City on alternating Monday’s and Saturday’s and perhaps a few hours a month preparation.    You will be involved in assessing land issues and bringing these issues to the attention of of community members.

What would you like to do?   Contact Gloria Scullin at with questions or requests for more information.

Volunteers Needed for CPAC Tax Lot Inventory

We need your help to complete a tax lot inventory of Pacific City/Woods.

   This is needed in order to update the Pacific City/Woods Community Plan

The CPRC (Community Plan Review Committee) is performing an Inventory of the lots within the Pacific City – Woods Community Growth Boundary.  The area has been divided into 27 areas representing each of the tax lot maps within the area.   Each area needs to be visited to determine which residential and commercial lots are vacant.    The volunteer will receive the tax lot map and a listing of the lots on that map.   The listing includes the tax lot number, year built, zone, and  property address.  Instructions and additional information regarding status classes will be provided.  A copy of the instructions is attached.

Most of the areas have been or will be inventoried by the Plan Review Committee members.   However,  we are looking for volunteers to inventory seven  (7)  areas by November 28th.   Please contact Gloria Scullin at (503) 965-7295 or email Gloria at if you are willing to help.

The areas available are as follows:   Click on the link to see the assessor’s map for these areas.

1.      121 Lots  4S1019CC –  Area just North of Pacific Ave on the West & East side of river

 2.      177 Lots  4S1030BA  – Brooten Road to Hill Street

 3.      118 Lots  4S1030BB  Airport Area &  4S1125AD  Sunset Drive South

4.      108 Lots  4S1113D    – Ridge Road – Haystack Heights

 5.      181 Lots  4S1124AD – Shorepine Village & Dory Pointe

 6.      175 Lots  4S1124DA – North Kiwanda Shores

7.      133 Lots  4S1124DD – South Kiwanda Shores


Community Plan Review Committee to Initiate Tax Lot Inventory

The Community Plan Review Committee is initiating a tax lot Inventory this summer.   The last tax lot inventory for Pacific City/Woods was completed in 1995.   There have been a lot of changes since then.   The focus of the inventory would be to determine the number of commercial vs residential lots available for development as well as assessing our growth over the past 16 years.  The Committee is in process of reviewing the previous inventory and developing a plan for deployment.   Volunteers will be needed to walk through neighborhoods and check off if lots are vacant or developed.   Please contact us at  to volunteer.

Volunteer and become involved in Pacific City!!

We need someone with a few computer skills to work with the Website Manager and learn how to update the website.   It would only take a few hours a month to update announcements, post meetings and add files.  It is a chance to hone your skills and help out CPAC.   If you can surf the web,  attach files to documents or e-mails and can have used word processing programs, then you have the skills we are looking for.   Please send an e-mail to and let us know.